IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew does Gorefest

Gorefest is an 8-hour endurance race that has been running since 1997 and is now based in Gore,

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Parc de La Mauricie – L’aménagement avant tout!

Notre nouvelle équipe du "Trail Care Crew", composée de nos amis et collègues Racheal et AJ, est débarquée chez nous pour 2 semaines pour 3 visites: Bromont, Parc de La…

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The give & take of trails – Terra Nova National Park, NL

Great trails take us to amazing locations. Away from civilization, roads, and the monotony of everyday life, our trails seek out vistas and lookouts, rivers and lakes, and rugged…

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Fleming College – Planning for Design

IMBA Canada added another course to its portfolio at one of Canada's leading environmental education institutions, Fleming College this spring.  A part of the Continuing…

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IMBA’s 6th World Summit: Sante Fe, NM

The summit was a great opportunity for some great minds in mountain biking to gather and share ideas on any topic under the sun: sustainable trail design, conservation, bicycle…

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Building community through trails

If you find yourself near Regina, Saskatchewan with a mountain bike on your car you'll find a fun riding area at the Wascana Valley Recreation Site. The site, just North of…

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Dream big, start small – Thunder Bay, ON

Setting goals - and seeing them through - is no easy feat. Are you a head in the clouds, long-term planner? Or maybe a short-term, master of to do lists? It can be hard to strike…

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Pumpin’ Up the Bayview Bike Park

Toronto receives its' first official pumptrack.

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Devon, AB, is Bike Town!

Located roughly 20 minutes south of Edmonton, the town of Devon, AB, may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think about cycling. However, their recent city…

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December eNews is here!

The December edition of our monthly e-newsletter is now available! Didn't receive it? Then sign up here. An archive is available at the link below. And starting in the new year,…

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