The summit was a great opportunity for some great minds in mountain biking to gather and share ideas on any topic under the sun: sustainable trail design, conservation, bicycle tourism and economic development, and trail advocacy. Of course, the town provided a great facility to hold a world class event with fantastic trails, great food, beautiful environment, and great people. The bar has been set higher yet again, can the 2014 summit possibly best this?

The Summit kicked off IMBA’s year of celebrations for its 25th Anniversary!

Mark Schmidt, Trails Analyist for Parks Canada, was one of the many delegates who led classes, clinics or workshops on anything under the sun to do with mountain biking.

After a day of workshops, there were plenty of demo bikes on hand and group rides led by locals with the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society.

Of course, if XC isn’t your thing, there were plenty of other riding opportunities, including the very popular Jump Jam. Bike Parks is a topic that is on everybody’s mind at the summit, and the La Tierra Dirt Jumps was a great way to showcase one aspect of what a great park can be.

With a sold out show and roughly 400 attendees, the summit was a great place for networking. With 25 Canadians down at the event, it was a great chance for IMBA Canada staff to connect with everyone.

SRAM had some bike art on display during one of the networking opportunities.

Ed Jager and Mark Schmidt of Parks Canada accept the the 2012 IMBA Canada Leadership Award on behalf of Parks Canada.