Online Workshops.

A new offering from IMBA Canada, the Online Workshop Program brings our internationally recognized best practices directly to you at your convenience. Consisting of both live sessions with an active question and answer period and prerecorded workshops, our short sessions are geared towards both new and long-time advocates of trails and mountain biking.

Covering wide ranging topics, these workshops are a visual heavy introduction into key components of trail building, advocacy, and engagement. Geared towards club volunteers, general advocates, trail builders and land managers.

Topics Include

  • Advocacy, Community engagement, Strategy
  • Design, Maintenance, Construction
  • Liability, Inspection
  • Bike Parks

Past Classes

How Trails Enhance Communities

Trails provide a wide range of benefits to their host communities. These include mental and physical health, physical literacy and education, economic, and equity benefits. Learn about the different benefits and how to leverage them in your community to empower local stakeholders and decision-makers to invest in trail access, development, and maintenance.

Host: AJ Strawson – IMBA Canada, Executive Director 

Managing Trail Users - Recording Coming Soon

We will discuss the key principles on how people use and enjoy trails, including psychological motivations and common needs and wants for non-motorized trail users. Bring your questions for the Q+A on user issues following the session.

Host: AJ Strawson – IMBA Canada, Executive Director 

Essential Elements of Sustainability

Join us as instructor AJ Strawson explores the major components of each essential element of trail sustainability and how they can be used to achieve your trail development and management objectives. Case studies will demonstrate how differing contexts can result in different interpretations and outcomes while still being sustainable.

Host: AJ Strawson – IMBA Canada, Executive Director 

Recording Coming Soon

Working with Land Managers 101

Learn how to collaborate and create great partnerships with your local land managers. Followed by Q&A discussing various topics such as what are land managers expecting from trail organizations, managing rogue builders, insurance for your club/organization, and educating the public and land managers.

Host: AJ Strawson – IMBA Canada, Executive Director 
Runtime: 36 Minutes

Your Guide

Having worked on trails with clubs and land managers in almost every province and territory in Canada, AJ Strawson will be your online training instructor. Participants are encouraged to think about questions they may have ahead of time for the question and answer period.