Last weekend, in my capacity as IMBA Canada’s Quebec Coordinator, I attended a meeting in Sutton in the eastern townships. A group of bicyclists and trail users met in order to form a trail association. The goal is to organize and propose a network of trails in the area. Sutton has a great reputation amongst outdoor enthousiasts for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter but the bicyclists hope that they can put together a proposal to have trails designated for mountain biking as well as a few new trails in the area. With projects starting up all around the eastern township, Sutton needs to mobilize in order to grasp the opportunity to enhance the possibilities of mountain bikers in their region. You can find all the info on their facebook page and a website is coming online soon.

Also, a new group is getting organised in Sainte-Julie on the south shore of Montreal. Saint-Julie Cycles, the local shop, just got permission to build single track in their local park. The goal would be to bring back the weekly races during the summer months. They are also hosting their first trail day this saturday, Nov 11th, at 9AM at Desrochers Park. Here’s how to get there.

Les Amis des Sentiers de Bromont are also having a trail day this weekend, Nov. 17th à 9AM at the Sintra trailhead. Bring proper clothes and gloves. Tools provided by the provincial tool trailer. All the info can be found on their Facebook page or on their website.

On a final note, IMBA Canada will provide assistance for a new club in Lévis, on the south shore of Quebec city. The club got together to promote mountain biking in their region and build an extended network of public multi-use trails that would link up many riding areas. For more info on the subject, check out their FB page.

Many ideas are thrown around these days. If you feel like you have a project that would need IMBA Canada’s assistance, don’t be affraid and drop me an e-mail at eric.leonard[at]!

Photo from Développement vélo de montagne Sutton’s facebook page.