About the Ontario Council.

The goal of the IMBA Canada Ontario Council is to help the Ontario mountain bike community develop further in the province by supporting with knowledge of best practices in advocacy and trail building, lead research that will help mountain biking be better understood, and represent the interests of mountain bikers at the provincial level.

We’ve got a big task ahead of us, which is why I am happy to have such an amazing group of people on the council to help us get going. Together, we’ve set an early vision of what the council can do to help serve Ontario mountain bikers. For us, this means:

“The IMBA Canada Ontario Council aims to celebrate, recognize, unite, and represent the Ontario mountain bike community to lead and support the education of those unfamiliar with mountain biking, and to demonstrate all of the positive impacts of the sport in our province.”

We know that some of the information we want hasn’t been developed, so we’re starting the work of commissioning research studies through education institutions in Ontario. Making sure all of the information that helps build successful clubs and communities is easy to access, we’ve working closely with IMBA Canada to develop a resource base that can be easily accessed and used to create more riding opportunities in this province. We’ve also helped host the Hydrocut Mountain Bike Trails Symposium to gather mountain bikers and share challenges and solutions from a variety of communities.

Nationally connected.

Part of IMBA Canada, the Ontario Council is connected to hundreds of clubs, individual members, retailers and corporate supporters across the country.

The Council program is IMBA Canada’s program to expand our reach to local associations and empower local ambassadors. National reach, grassroots impact.

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The History of IMBA

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) was founded in 1988 by a group of California mountain bike clubs concerned about the closure of trails to cyclists. These pioneering clubs believed that mountain biker-education programs and innovative trail management solutions should be developed and promoted.

While this first wave of threatened trail access was concentrated in California, IMBA’s pioneers saw that crowded trails and trail-user conflict were fast becoming worldwide recreation issues. Over the years, IMBA’s programming, support, and staff of professional advocates have continued to grow – but our mission and core values have remained the same.

Established in 2004, IMBA Canada was the first fully staffed international office of IMBA. Located in Squamish BC, IMBA Canada is directed by Executive Director AJ Strawson and staffed by trail advocates across the country. Our staff seek to develop the following for mountain biking in Canada: convenient access to appealing trails; trailbuilding expertise; a positive image; and political influence.

Meet the Ontario Council

Andy Cox

Ontario Council Member

Andy lives in Waterloo, Ontario, where he has been helping to develop the Hydrocut trail network for over 20 years.

Charlotte Batty

Charlotte runs her own mountain bike instruction and guiding business to help mountain bikers build confidence, skills, ride safely and have more fun.


Ontario Council Member

Jennifer started mountain biking in the mid 2010s and has since been drawn into working on advocacy projects. Recently relocated to Owen Sound, she’s looking forward to exploring new trails.

Dean Cambell

IMBA Canada Board of Directors | Ontario Council Chair

Dean has been working on trails and bike advocacy for close to 20 years. He’s thrilled to work with such a talented group of people on the Ontario Council to help make that happen.

Troy Storms

Ontario Council Member

As a land manager with the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, Troy bring a different perspective and valuable knowledge to the council

Igor Hoogendoorn

Ontario Council Member

Igor has lived and worked on trails and advocacy all over Ontario, growing up in Northern Ontario, living in the GTA and now calling Ottawa home.

Johnny Yeaman

Ontario Council Member

Johnny has been advocating for mountain biking in Dufferin County, where he has built strong relationships with other trail user groups including hikers, runners and equestrians.