Wascana Provincial Recreation Site Trails Masterplan in Development
Regina, Saskatchewan

With the off-road handcycle trail project underway at the Wascana Provincial Recreation Site it became apparent to Parks that there was a lot more potential for trail recreation. As a result of IMBA Canada’s work (both with the Trail Care Crew and Trail Solutions) the Province requested that we be retained to expand on the handcycle trail plan and develop a full trails masterplan for the site.

One of the many challenges faced with the current trail system (and not a unique circumstance) is that much of it was created by dirt bikes prior to the Province acquiring the land. As a result many of the current trails are these deeply groove ruts either along flat terrain or straight up hills. Thankfully the topography for bench cutting and solutions for many of these problematic areas have been designed.

When complete, the masterplan will serve as the guiding document for Provincial Parks to look to when funding allows for trail upgrades or when overseeing construction and maintenance of new and old mountain bike trails by the diligent crew of volunteers from the South Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Club.

Many thanks to the folks who took the time to attend the public design charrette held this fall. Your input is invaluable in pursuing a plan that will provide sustainable trails destination complete with fast singletrack for racing, a flow trail for maximum fun, some more technical obstacles to up the ante in the Prairies and so much more!