Earlier this month Trail Solutions focused on design in the rugged terrain within the shadow of the Rocky’s highest peak, Mt. Robson, working with the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA).  The goal is to develop a new ride destination around the town of Valemount, BC, situated in the “Trench” or “The Valley of a Thousand Peaks”, further strengthening the province’s growing northern mountain bicycle offerings while complimenting those found just across the provincial border in Alberta.

Ten long buggy days were spent tromping through the varied terrain of what is known as the apron of Mt. McKirdy, located on the east side of the valley.  Lush old growth cedar and fir forest surrounds the neighbouring Swift Creek before transitioning into aspen, spruce, fir and the last remnants of pine as the elevation climbs.  Such diversity begs for a multitude of trail experiences and Trail Solutions is hard at work compiling all necessary factors to develop this stunning (and steep) area into something suitable – think big trails, lots of vertical (in either direction) and stunning views of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies!

A very big thank you to the Thoni family for providing the superb accommodations and eats while working in Valemount.  Having the Caribou Grill, the family’s restaurant, as a base of operations was stellar.  To anyone passing the Valemount, do yourself a favour and stop by for a delicious elk steak, wild salmon stir fry, etc. And thank you’s go out to everyone else from the community who helped out both in the field or in spreading the word to get further support, you are all awesome!

Keep your eyes out for Valemount popping up in the mountain bike scene more and more.  For more details on the project please check out the Facebook page HERE.

Valemount, BC