Throughout the past 6 months on the road, we’d always get a laugh when we told folks that we were wintering in Thunder Bay. Our final visit of the year was December 9th, in balmy Nanaimo, then AJ and I repacked the car one last time and did the four day drive back to Ontario. We’re hibernating for the next few months, while we wait for spring and the trail building season to arrive. Meanwhile we have lots of time to catch up on office work, and couch surfing.

Today it’s -36C in T-bay, and nearly -50 with the wind chill. While we both love winter biking, at these temperatures neither of us have any immediate plans to recreate outside. But lucky for us, there’s a treadmill in the basement. This is great news since we forgot to bring our bike trainer when we packed up our apartment back in June and chucked everything into a storage unit in Southern Ontario.

The one good thing about this crazy weather is that the lake should freeze quickly. And that means plenty of great riding when the temperatures return back to the January norm.

Our only problem then will be answering the question, should we buy a pair of fat bikes?