There is a lot going on in Toronto these days when it comes to mountain bicycling and trails.  We’ve got the Sunnyside Bike Park project led by Hoots Inc. moving forwards, the revitalization of the Bayview Bike Park led by IMBA Canada Trail Solutions & Youth Unlimited going on, continued work with the City of Toronto Forestry, IMBA Canada & various public interest groups in Crothers’ Woods and now IMBA Canada’s involvement in the development of the City of Toronto’s Natural Environment Trails Strategy.

Last week saw a number of various trail professionals come together to begin to develop the framework for what natural areas within Toronto have what kind of potential for various trail experiences.  At the table were:


  • City of Toronto Parks, Forest & Recreation – Toronto, ON
  • LEES + Associates – Landscape Architecture firm – Vancouver, BC
  • Decarto Consulting Ltd. – GIS Consultants – Peterborough, ON
  • Sustainable Trails Ltd. – Trail Contracting company – Port Hope, ON
  • IMBA Canada Trail Solutions – Trail consultants – Whistler, BC


Armed with an extensive understanding of the Toronto landscape the group laboured over all four quadrants of the City.  In the end, a solid initial framework was developed which the group will continue to refine as the project moves forward.

Interested to know more about this undertaking?  Follow the links below to the City of Toronto’s project page to find out how to get involved in the public process as well as go to the latter link and fill out their online trail survey: