Last night, around 50 people met at the Swansea Town Hall, Toronto, to discuss the proposed community bike park in the High Park area.

In attendance were members of the local mountain biking and bmx communities, along with city councillor Sarah Doucette, city staffers, represantatives from local native bands, and the park design team, including Jay Hoots (Hoots Inc.), Victor Ford and Associates, IMBA Canada’s Trail Specialist Daniel Scott, and Richard Goulding of Sustainable Trails Ltd..

The design consultation was a success according to IMBA’s Daniel Scott, with riders discussing their desires for a bike park in the south east corner of the Park. Ideas included progression, a cross-country perimeter loop, slope style course, and a beginner-specific section to foster the next generation of riders. All parties agreed to turn a new leaf and work together on the project with mutual respect, says Scott.

Scott Laver from the City of Toronto department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation says the City is building a community bike park in High Park area to meet the demand of the local cycling community. "We want to provide a professional facility, planned, built and maintained by the community that will offer technically challenging riding in an accessible and controlled environment. We also want protect our forests and parkland currently being impacted by the many informal skills parks in and around High Park," said Laver.