We had a busy week planned for us in Thunder Bay, Ontario so we got down to business as soon as we arrived in town. This was two visits rolled into one. We were working with the Black Sheep Cycling Club to make sense of their trail system and with the Trans Canada Trail to link a large portion of the trail through town.

Formed in 1998, the Black Sheep Cycling Club has been hosting events and focused on racing since its inception. With a calendar full of events over the summer, the event coordinators who are also the trail coordinators and executive members are starting to fell a little overwhelmed. After a constructive club care workshop we helped the club decide where to focus their efforts to help reduce their workload.

Throughout the week we met with the executive of the Black Sheep, a park planner for Thunder Bay and the Trans Canada Trail representative. By the end of the week we had everyone sitting at the same table discussing how they could all benefit by working together. Our hope is that the Shuniah Mines trail network will officially become part of the Trans Canada Trail. Opening the line of communication between all three groups was the first step towards formalizing a partnership.

After touring all of the mountain bike trails at Shuniah Mines we decided that our project needed to help simplify the network and provide a template to lure in the rogue builders. We also demonstrated our reclamation talents to begin the removal of redundant trail connectors to make navigation easier. With a dedicated crew of volunteers and plenty of prep work the trail was completed on time for the group ride on Sunday morning and was used as part of a race course later in the week.

We want to thank all of the great crew in Thunder Bay including Gerald and his family for letting us camp out in their tent trailer and Matt and Anita for letting us soak in their hot tub.