Thanks to the dedicated efforts from members of the CABC and the support of the city, the trails around Red Deer, AB, are experiencing quite a rejuvenation. Years ago, a few key builders came to the city from Whistler and built an extensive bike park with very advanced features, including a 25+ foot tall corkscrew drop. With the builders of those features long gone, many of the structures stand unused, with too few progressive features to give people the chance to test out drops and jumps.

Now, however, with efforts from the local mountain bike club and the City of Red Deer, the network is experiencing regrowth. Many new trails are being rebuilt and the bike park is slowly being re-fabricated to reach a wider audience with varying skill from beginner to advanced.

Working with both the city and dedicated local riders, we got two good days of building in, including maintaining existing trails and rerouting an older, less sustainable section of trail. We got a great crew out, despite many wanting to be with their families on thanksgiving.