Last Wednesday, Daniel Scott and Jason Murray were provided the opportunity to partake in a meeting at the Grand River Conservation Authorities’ Puslinch Tract. The purpose of their attendance was to participate an initial dialogue between two locals, who are spearheading an initiative to help legitimize the mountain biking opportunities at the tract, and officials from the GRCA.

Over the course of the morning, the group walked throughout the extensive network that can be found within the Puslinch Tract, examining the trails in terms of environmental sustainability and risk management practices. Everyone was in good spirits throughout the walk and the dialogue proved highly productive. The locals, Timothy Crosby and Clifford Vanclief, were keen to hear what the GRCA’s concerns were. They were also keen to hear what IMBA could provide in terms of best practices for mitigating these concerns for the GRCA, while creating a fantastic experience for mountain bikers in the area.

With a better understanding of what the issues now are for this initiative, these passionate volunteers will continue to pursue the next steps with IMBA Canada providing assistance whenever needed. Stay tuned for more on this project in 2011!

The Parking Lot Debrief
Jason Murray, Tim Crosby, Clifford Vanclief, Kevin Tupman, Daniel Scott