Spreading the Spirit of Freeride

Sombrio started as a cartel – a crew of freeride pioneers exploring the possibilities of what life on two wheels could bring. The spirit of freeride has been at our core since the beginning. It’s all about being creative, pushing the limits, and having fun along the way. It’s about sharing our passion with others and it’s what motivates us every day.

Sombrio, in partnership with IMBA Canada, is proud to introduce the 2nd annual Sombrio Freeride Scholarship – a free ride to an all-inclusive week-long session at mountain bike camp in Whistler, BC, awarded to a promising young rider who embodies the spirit of freeride.

Sombrio has released a special edition apparel collection with a portion of proceeds going towards funding the Freeride Scholarship. For 2019, the Special Edition collection highlights the tools of the trade.

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**UPDATE** Applications for the scholarship are now closed.