There are few things more rewarding than being given a positive update that shows club is doing with the knowledge that one imparts to them at a trails workshop.  One of the many examples from 2012 that is deserving of such a mention is in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Back in May of 2012, Trail Solutions took quick break from working on the Mont Tremblant Trail Assessment to hop over to Saint John to provide the Saint John Cycling Club with a Trail Solutions workshop (read about it HERE).  What the club did with the knowledge that they gathered from that weekend has been astounding so far.  They continued to work on the reroute that the started during the workshop, constructed a series of technical crossing for a particularily wet section of trail and, by far the most impressive, constructed a bridge on the Crystal Lake Trail in Rockwood Park.

Using many of the techniques that were discussed during the workshop and working with partners in the community, the Saint John Cycling Club constructed a very sturdy multiuse bridge which they aptly named the "Karma Bridge".  Nice work to everyone who participated in this endeavour and IMBA Canada is excited to see where the club takes their new found knowledge and ever present passion to next!