Rock Sling Specifications

Using rock to harden your trail surface is a great way to ensure your trail will be around for generations. If you have really large stone to work with you have most certainly struggled to get that perfect rock from point A to point B. While we were on the road Chad and I played around with different configurations for our rock sling. We based the initial design on the Spartacus but have adapted it to make it lighter for portability, but still strong enough to move those beautiful 600lb stones.


11 meters of chain

  • Use 200lb chain as a minimum, 400lb chain as a maximum
  • Use plated chain to prevent it from rusting

Portion into:

  • 6 x 15 cm sections
  • 6 x 35 cm sections
  • 6 x 120 cm sections

18 u-bolts or quick links

  • If you are using the 200lb chain you will need to use ubolts as the quick links at this weight break under weight
  • If you are using 400lb chain you can use the quick links
  • Be sure to check the weight rating on the quick links prior to purchase

3.6 meters of hose

  • Cut into 60cm portions for the handles
  • We used cheap garden hose and it’s held up to our abuse, but you could also use any other form of hosing

Approx 30 cm Aircraft Cable

  • For attaching the chain at the centre of the sling