We’ve had many requests to provide plans to make a rock sling. After playing with several configurations, we’ve come up with a rock sling that is simple to build and has been working well for us with most rock sizes. You’ll need about 20 feet of chain (we used 400 pound as it’s light for carrying around yet still plenty strong), 9 quick links and some form of stiff tubing for the handles (we used PVC pipe).

Click HERE to get more pictures of the sling configuration we’ve used for a while now.

This sling can be used by 2 or 4 people. I understand that you are the manly sort, like me, but this is not the time to be a hero. If you have 4 people, use them. We strongly recommend gloves, steel-toed boots and glasses when working with rocks. A rock bar makes your job easier as well. Place the sling open beside the rock you want to move. It’s easiest if the rock is rolled onto the sling so that it’s sitting upside-down compared to the final position in which you want to place it. When you get to the desired location, set the rock down beside the spot where you want it and roll the rock off of the chain so that it’s now sitting right-side-up in its final resting place. Don’t forget to communicate your intentions and watch your fingers!