In the week following the Trail Care Crew’s visit to Riding Mountain National Park, IMBA’s Trail Solutions paid the Park a second visit. The purpose of said visit was to assist the Park’s Trail Committee with developing full park trail concepts.

Over the course of three days, IMBA provided both our expertise and our enthusiasm. When developing a trail strategy there are numerous factors to consider: desired user experience, user types, cultural heritage, environmental integrity, loops vs. point-to-point layouts, phasing, local politics & desires, provincial / national / international target audiences, existing infrastructures, staffing, AND so on and so on… Everyone came to the table with a positive attitude and, while things are still in the preliminary stages, there was consensus by the end of day 3 on what everyone would like to see. Such a cohesive vision can now be expanded and brought before the powers that be so that all the various internal parties involved can provide input / feedback.

IMBA is thrilled to be involved in this process and looks forward to assisting Riding Mountain NP with this ambitious and ground-breaking trails make-over, however we can.