With the busy season rev’ing up, I prepare myself for a fair amount of time spent in airport gate waiting rooms. Following the IMBA Summit, en route to Charlottetown via Toronto, I stopped at one of the hundreds of convenience stores that litter most airports. Normally I would head straight to the cycling section but this time my eyes were drawn to the running section. Scanning through the various mags, I came across one I had yet to try reading, “Canadian Running – Trail Special”.

Flipping through, I stumbled on an article titled “Canada’s 10 Must-Do Trail Races,” and immediately wanted to find out more. One race that was mentioned, the Brookvale Trail Ultra Marathon, had the following photo that caught my eye:

Back in May of 2009, IMBA Canada trail specialists, Mark Schmidt & Daniel Scott, traveled to the Brookvale Nordic Center to conduct a trail building workshop. One of the projects that was undertaken was the rock armouring of continually wet section of trail as illustrated in the blog article “Mountain Biking in the Maritimes – Part 1“.

It is great to see this section being enjoyed by trail enthusiasts and hopefully runners & mountain bikers everywhere will think about checking out this great locale for some fun trails.

Check out the whole article at HERE at Canadian Runner
Photo courtesy of Canadian Runner, 2010.