It can take quite a while for an organization or club representing a group of people to become an established part of the community. Especially when the club has to work with both local or regional governments, and at the same time establish a membership base which can support the activities and long term goals. Furthermore, when an organization is just starting out, the list of obstacles and challenges is often much larger than the lists of successes.

At the outset, victories for new clubs come in small sizes, but often represent big changes in the way things happen for the club. In Cranbrook, our build was quite small; we performed trail maintenance on a 100 metre section of trail. For the club, however, it represented two awesome successes. First, we were part of the first ever build for the Wildhorse Cycling Club in the community forest. Second, it was part of the first successful archeological assessment that the club will need to continue using in the future.

With over 30 people at the trailbuilding school on Saturday morning and the build in the afternoon, along with a very well attended Club Care Workshop on Friday evening, the Cranbrook community has shown their appetite to continue moving forward. Success for Wildhorse will come, one step at a time!

Thanks to Wildhorse for supplying the following photos and short video.

Trail Care Crew visit to Cranbrook, BC