This was IMBA Canada’s second “Learn to Camp” event in conjunction with Joyride150 and the Guelph Off Road Bicycling Association (GORBA) and what a great day!  Ok, let me point out that it rained in the morning while we were setting up, and then off and on during the afternoon, but there was no stopping the participants from sharing their enthusiasm and joining the fun at the ‘Learn to MTB’ portion of the event that we were hosting!

As we reflected on last year’s event, we were so astounded how quickly some people, who perhaps had never ridden a mountain bike before, were able to learn to ride.  Even more impressive, after some practice, was that most participants were even able to ride the technical trail features (TTF’s).  These TTF’s were composed of skinnies, bridges, ramps and even a teeter-totter, supplied by both Joyride150 and GORBA, to help participants learn some of the skills necessary to negotiate off-road trails safely and confidently.  The smiles were a testament of how much fun the groups had while riding their bikes around the course.

We applaud Parks Canada for introducing the outdoors to Canadians, and having them realise that they can enjoy it on two wheels as well!

Special thanks to all of the Parks Canada staff, Mark and Leslie @Joyride150, and Morris @GORBA!