The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) was recently awarded some money to develop a trail education program. The intent being to teach people out there in the field the skills they need to layout, design and build trail correctly. This is for all types of trails; whether to be used for casual walking, hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, ATV, etc. It is also for many different types of people; club volunteers, municipal planners, parks & rec staff, etc.

I’m willing to bet there are a few out there in the mountain bike communitiy who have the skills and interest. Interviews are anticipated to be held on the 26th of May in Barrie. So polish up that resume.

Full details from the job description:

The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) is seeking a qualified individual to:

  • Design a sector-based trails skills education plan
  • Complete the implementation of requirements of a Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant
  • Logistically manage trainers and the coordination of the OTC trail education program, and
  • Evaluate submissions and perform quality assurance estimations on applying education organizations.
  • Develop an implementation pathway
  • Qualify potential volunteers, or volunteer organizations to deliver curriculum.
  • Work with the OTC Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Oversight Committee.


  • To manage the implementation of a volunteer facilitated trail skills education program.
  • To write RFP’s for each of the 14 curriculum areas of the program.
  • To solicit RFP responses.
  • To engage the OTF Grant oversight committee in an RFP review.
  • To coordinate program delivery.
  • To develop a calendar of scheduled delivery dates.
  • To ensure that course attendee thresholds and budget fundraising goals are met.
  • To manage program logistics such that program deliverers develop and deliver required curriculum in accordance with the delivery timetable.
  • To ensure that all grant reports are written and submitted to the OTF Oversight committee in time to meet OTF reporting requirements..
  • Provide any and all administrative support to the program, certificates, marketing, manuals, or other media that presenters may require, such that the program is delivered to the highest professional quality possible.

1. Background

  • 1.1   The OTC has developed a trails education curriculum as an umbrella program for Ontario’s local, regional, and provincial trails and trail systems.
  • 1.2   Trails can be of any type and any use. However the operating authority must ensure a certain capability of staff or volunteer such that they can perform trail management and maintenance tasks to a certain standard proficiency on any trail of any type.
  • 1.3   The OTC has developed a modular trails skills curriculum (Appendix 1).
  • 1.4   Individual Trails and Trail Systems who receive certification as a recognized trainer must provide benefits to trainees in a number of ways including:
  • 1.4.1     Signage, mapping and marketing programs. This provides a measure of quality assurance for trail users who know that standards like insurance coverage have been met.
  • 1.4.2     Group support programs such as insurance products, sustainability programs, signage and development standards, and brand marketing.
  • 1.4.3     Most trail operators continue to struggle with insufficient operating funds. Fund development education is a must.
  • 1.4.4     Compatible use issues remain largely unresolved. This issue often involves differing opinions as to trail usage such as motorized v. non-motorized, single use v. shared use, seasonal v. all-season, etc. Trail users don’t always agree with trail managers on use standards.
  • 1.4.5     Landowner related issues policies and regulations such that the business plan work to balance these factors in developing a plan that supports trail development
  • 1.4.6     Trail building techniques, including equipment use, design, and maintenance.
  • 1.5   Over the past six months, a framework has emerged within which the major approaches to trail operation can be recognized and accommodated.
  • 1.6   The Ontario Trails Council made application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for funds to hire a facilitator and implement the program.
  • 1.7   The Ontario Trillium Foundation approved our request, and it is this grant that forms the basis and parameters of this employment opportunity.
  • 1.8   Program duration 18 months.

2. OTC Considerations

  • 2.1   While the OTC requires the entire project be implemented as described above, it is recognized that there may be the need for contingency program delivery, in the event of unforeseen requirements.
  • 2.2   The OTC has budgeted $60,000 in total for wages and employee remittances.
  • 2.3   The OTC will assign a lead contact and small oversight committee. The proponent will work closely with the lead contact throughout the program and will meet with team as agreed necessary.
  • 2.4   Travel and operational expenses, including mileage, long distance, cell phone, meals and lodging will be reimbursed through the program as per the existing OTC Expense policy.

3. Applicant Competencies

To be successful, the selected applicant will need demonstrated competence in the following areas:

  • 3.1   Post secondary diploma or degree in a recreation, planning or trails related field.
  • 3.2   History managing an Ontario Trillium Grant or similar.
  • 3.3   Knowledge of the Ontario Trail sector
  • 3.4   Ability to work off site and independently
  • 3.5   Implementation and Planning
  • 3.5.1     Educational Program development in the not for profit sector.
  • 3.5.2     Group facilitation, conflict management, and consensus building.
  • 3.5.3     Project management.
  • 3.5.4     Logistics and budget management
  • 3.5.5     Computer skills, including word, excel, power point, google docs, e-mail etc.
  • 3.5.6     Familiarity with organized trail building technique is an asset.
  • 3.5.7     Fund raising and financial management
  • 3.5.8     Own vehicle and valid drivers license and insurance

4. Contact Information

Any inquiries concerning this Job Posting are to be directed to:

Mr. Patrick Connor CAE, Executive Director, Ontario Trails Council 877-668-7245 office phone  613-484-1140 cell

Applications due no later than 4PM May 21, 2011

About the Ontario Trails Council

  • The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) is a volunteer led charitable organization promoting the creation, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario.
  • Ongoing OTC program management and administration is conducted by an Executive Director and a Volunteer Board of Directors.
  • OTC policy, strategy, and oversight is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors representing the membership. Committees assist the Board and Staff achieve objectives.
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