Approximately one year ago, IMBA Canada partook in a proud moment, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Capital Commission. Since then, dialogue has continued between the two organizations as to how each can assist the other in their missions.

Fast forward to the late summer of 2010 and the next big step has been taken with IMBA donating $5000 worth of consultation services to the NCC. Daniel Scott from IMBA Canada’s Trail Solutions program recently spent a week working with NCC staff on assessing potential mountain biking trails within Gatineau Park. Throughout the course of his stay, Daniel became familiar with the political structure surrounding the various users of the Park, the NCC’s conservation mandates and the overall lay of the land. Time on the ground involved reviewing existing cycling options as well as examining new possibilities for the future.

Examining a new trail enhancement project

Thank you’s to Julie Goulet from the NCC for all her assistance during the visit. Her keen willingness to learn IMBA’s perspective on sustainable trail techniques, risk management practices and optimizing user experiences was fantastic, as was her assistance in providing Trail Solutions with any data requests.

The National Capital Commission and IMBA Canada are committed to pursuing new mountain biking opportunities within Gatineau Park. While new trail concepts are still very much in their infancy, the potential to produce something truly spectacular is present. IMBA Canada is dedicated to working with the NCC to see such potential be actualized.