For as long as I can remember the Toronto Bicycling Network hosted regular mountain biking roadtrips outside of the city limits. They’d head to Albion Hills, Kelso, Buckwallow, etc. I even rode with a TBN group once when they paid a trip to my local trail system. I showed them all the best stuff, and they were very appreciative.

I was sad to discover that the TBN would no longer have rides scheduled as of this year. The long time ride leader/organizer Dan, has decided that with the declining interest, it is time to close up shop. While dissappointing it is not all bad news. The group is moving to a Facebook group to help organize the occassional ride they hope to have. They will also be holding regular evening rides on the Don Valley trails. Wednesday (advanced) and Thursday (beginner) nights at 6:30 starting in May. Meet at the Brickworks parking lot.

Building club capacity is always a challenge and while we do have advice and suggestions for those clubs out there fiding it challenging, most clubs are started and kept running by a few core people. You would think that in Canada’s largest city (and centre of the Universe 🙂 ) that it would be a bit easier to sustain a club. Sadly, Toronto doesn’t seem to be any more successful (or unsuccessful) than other cities and towns. What Toronto does have going for it is that there are quite a few clubs that provide riding opportunties, some affiliated with clubs, some not. Hopefully the TBN mountain bikers will find a home at one of those clubs and make them stronger despite the loss of the TBN MTB riders. You could look to Defiant MTB, TORBA, or Lapdogs, all strong IMBA Canada affiliates who are active not just leading rides, but also with trail work, land access and advocacy. We’re stronger together than we are apart.