Night Riding Agreement

In accordance with the Fairfax County Park Authority Night Riding Pilot Program Proposal, The Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiast (MORE) hereby agrees to provide Park Trail Monitors for all night rides during the pilot program. The Park Monitor Volunteer Program is described in detail on the Fairfax County Park Authority website.

More responsibilities include

  • MORE will maintain a Trail Monitor schedule for each night ride.
  • Each night ride will consist of two Trail Monitors operating in a buddy system to allow response to observed incidents.
  • During night riding the Trail Monitor will attempt to cover a substantial portion of the approved trails in order to report both the successes and concerns of night riding.
  • The Trail Monitors should frequently stop cycling to observe surroundings and ongoing activities within the park.

Each Trail Monitor shall be registered with the Park Monitor Volunteer Program, run by the Park Services Division, and will complete an orientation led by the Volunteer Coordinator at the Audrey Moore RECenter.

Each monitor will abide by the monitor agreement as defined in the orientation, which include:

  • Trail Monitors will assist in care and transportation of injured persons only to the extent of their certification level.
  • Trail Monitors will carry a cell phone, if practical, to support notification of authorities when necessary of incidents during the night rides.
  • Trail Monitors will report on observations and conditions experienced during each night ride. A Trail Monitor log will be maintained at the front desk of Audrey Moore RECenter to file e-mail reports, and for use by Trail Monitors in reporting results of Trail Monitoring.
  • Volunteers conducting trail monitor service outside of night rides should also report observations via the Trail Monitor Log or e-mail.
  • Trail Monitors are not required to carry equipment for or provide bicycle repair assistance due to the close proximity of populated areas in the event of a bicycle mishap.

The Park Authority hereby agrees to:

  • Allow night riding as a recognized activity on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from dusk until 10:30pm.
  • All participants’ cars must be off the park property by 11:00pm.
  • The Park Authority will provide the following equipment to volunteers when requested:
    • First Aid Fanny Pack (Fanny Packs will include Trail Watch Identification)
    • Trail Monitor Identification Card
    • Trail Monitor T-shirt
  • The Park Authority will provide a Trail Monitor Log at the front desk of Audrey Moore Recreation Center and an email address to be used to report observations, conditions and estimated riders.

This agreement will be in effect from October 11, 2004 to May 31, 2005. During that period the agreement may be modified if agreed upon by both parties. Should MORE violate any portion of the agreement the agreement maybe deemed null and void by the Park Authority.