We’ve done visits across this country in both big cities and towns with populations smaller than 150. The thing about trails is that it doesn’t matter where you are, most places have at least one trail, if not an entire network. This is what we discovered in Memramcook, New Brunswick.

Memramcook is just a short drive south of Moncton and is nestled in the Acadian heartland. There is plenty of history, culture and mowed grass in the area and yet, despite not having any sidewalks, it has a small network of walking trails in town next to the golf course. Many other trails are located on top of historical dikes that were created in order to make agricultural land when the Acadians first settled in the area. Sections of these trails are a part of the Trans Canada Trail and others are becoming part of the Sentier de L’etoile, a hiking trail that will connect historical places in the area. However, these dike trails are also heavily used by locals on their ATV’s to get from their homes to the town so you do not find many people walking along them. Much to the disappointment of the lady at the cafeteria who served us one day, we were not in the area to build more ATV trails.

We were there to improve their hiking trails in Parc Haut-du-Ruisseau, located near town on 100 acres of beautiful mature forests that offer residents an escape into nature and away from ATV’s. While mountain biking isn’t currently on the radar in Memramcook, with a little work on the existing trails, the potential for a fun trail system is there. The area is blessed with amazing soil and, with proper benchcutting techniques, the trails will have very low maintenance needs.

So if you ever find yourself driving through New Brunswick, there is a great spot to stop and stretch your legs in Memramcook. The tarte au sucre (sugar pie) at the local family restaurant is also worth the quick detour.