Adrian Alphonso has devoted his life to a journey of discovering. He is a commuter, a coach, a professional stunt and trials rider, a bicycle technician, a passionate guide and ultimately, a man who is dedicated to the outdoors. Adrian is the most recent addition to the IMBA Canada Board of Directors and played host to our board retreat last month in Winnipeg.

Where do you live?
Winnipeg, Manitoba

What’s your day job?
Owner of Clear Paths. We operate educational tours, fundamental skills development and aiding in conceptual trail design with a lens of programming and accessibility.

What’s your favorite local trail?
Bison Butte located at Fort Whyte Alive within Winnipeg, Manitoba city limits. The project was created to host the 2017 Canada Summer Games Mountain Bike Event. Now it is a legacy trail for sport development and recreation.

Favorite riding destination?
Would love to make the trip to “Mountain Hero” in Carcross Yukon. Definitely on top of my list!

When did you first become an IMBA Canada member?
July 2015

When did you join the board?
December 2018

What brought you to riding?
Initially my focus was on cross country mountain bike competition. Over time, the trail became much more impactful in everyday life. Trail riding is now a means to connect with wilderness and appreciate landscapes in a sustainable way.

What’s drawn you to trail building and trail advocacy?
There are so many talented members in each region that are dedicated and sacrifice time so their community can enjoy trails. It is these individuals who make the authentic experiences of the regions and are worthy of sharing with others. Advocacy is part of the accessibility to these networks.

What do you hope to see for Canadian mountain biking and trail building three years from now?
Communities all over Canada offering unique experiences to share with the greater population. Trails can help deliver these stories.

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