Map Production and Distribution

Once you’ve built the map, it’s time to produce and distribute it. There are many ways to create and distribute maps. Consider your resources and audience. What are the most cost effective media and reproduction? Print or Web? Maybe both?

Find sponsors for the map production, and reward them with recognition on the map. Some clubs distribute maps through local bike shops and collect a fee or donation at the point of sale. This can offset the cost of printing, and possibly help fund new trail projects. A club might also mail its map with membership materials, which provides a great incentive for members to join or renew their support.

Tips for Print-Based Maps

  • Meet with printers in advance and find out what they require for artwork.
  • Consider printing on durable papers suitable for outdoor use.
  • Print projects are expensive, but they usually produce excellent results because
    of the degree of planning required.
  • A print map can easily be reproduced as an online product, but not vice versa
  • Be sure to understand the proof process — a print project can not be revised once the presses start rolling!

Tips for Web-Based Maps

  • Decide if you want to make the map available to everyone, or just to club members.
  • Will your club host the map on its own website, or use another site’s map platform?
  • If you decide to have another party host your maps, be sure to understand their policies about ownership of the map data.
  • Familiarize yourself with these export formats: .emf, .bmp, .bps, .pdf and .jpg