The IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew (TCC) had a very brief opportunity to visit the beautiful Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia.  The site is unique in Natural and Cultural Heritage, composed of old growth forests and home to the Mi’kmaq for thousands of years.

During their visit, the TCC had a chance to look at a proposed new trail that will connect several areas along the Mersey River.  This will provide excellent linkages between the visitor’s centre, and the camping areas to the Southwest. Biking throughout the Park is via an extensive network of multi-use trails and details can be found on the Park’s Activities page

Also, part of an ongoing discussion is the potential for development of a backcountry mountain biking route on an existing part of the trail network.  IMBA Canada is excited to continue to help this new potential become a reality in the future, and will be researching opportunities for stewardship groups to become involved as part of the process.

The TCC also held a Trail Building School (TBS) for Park Staff, in order to provide background on creating, maintaining and re-establishing sustainable trails throughout the park.  This is part of an ongoing role IMBA Canada is to provide to Parks Canada’s National Parks, thereby developing greater mountain biking opportunities to such beautiful locations like those found in Kejimkujik National Park.