While lots of press has been given to the IMBA World Summit, here is a short piece on how the Summit & following week in Santa Fe faired for our Trail Solutions staffer, Daniel, and experience therein:

Wow, where to begin?  The World Summit was unanimously a huge succes and, as many have mentioned, arguably our best yet.  What stood out for me throughout the four days though was not only how receptive many of our American brethren were to listening to our Canadian stories but how many of the challenges that I am faced with in the consultation projects that Trail Solutions is conducting up here in Canada were reflecting in various other parts of the world.  From inner city trail development and bioremediation in Kansas City & Knoxville to managing trail planning through GIS systems and questions on how to engage today’s ‘Red Bull’ youth, the similarities far outweighed the differences.  So what?  Well it means that we’ve got more allies, more information and more potential help then we may think and that is reassuring.

Quick shout outs to the guys of NSMBA, Parks Canada and BC Recreational Sites & Trails for doing a stellar job of representing many of the more progressive offerings that Canadians are up to.  These folks were inspirational for many in attendance and it gives me great confidence that we have many more stories to share in future Summits from so many of the folks that I’ve had the privilege of working with over the past couple years.


Following the Summit I had the opportunity to spend a week in Santa Fe with IMBA Trail Solutions Global Manager, Chris Bernhardt.  Riding aside, the week was a productive one as we look to the future of the Trail Solutions program and how IMBA Canada can improve its consultation offerings with assistance from the US office and its fourteen strong TS staff.  Expect to see more on these developments in the New Year.

A special thanks to Owen Haggard from The Broken Spoke Bike Shop for providing us with some stellar beta and taking time out to show us many of the hidden gems in and around the Santa Fe area.  Should any ever get the inclination for spicy foods, art galleries, good beer and fun trails in a rather spiritual setting then do yourself a favour a check out the riding in New Mexico.