Get ready for wheels up!


Every spring and fall, in May and on the first Saturday of October, IMBA Canada promotes mountain bike events designed to get young people outside on their bikes. Known as “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day,” the celebration is recognized across the globe. Recently clubs across Canada have been organizing events through the year to accommodate the better weather and their busy club schedules. We encourage clubs to make any day Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day!

Here are 10 tips to help plan a great event:

1. Save the date

  • Clear your calendar for a few hours on your chosen event date, either May 15th, 2022 or the first Saturday of October or whatever date works best for your club
  • Other dates are fine too, but you may not be eligible for IMBA-sponsored rewards

2. Find some kids

  • Coordinate with your local IMBA club: https://www.imbacanada.com/near-you
  • Invite neighbors, co-workers, relatives, friends
  • Contact your local YMCA, Scouts, Brownies or other youth groups
  • Invite new riders by partnering with other organizations like new immigrant groups, BIPOC, Indigenous groups, etc.

3. Plan for bikes and helmets

  • Bring your own bike/helmet is the most common plan
  • If you’d like to invite kids that might not have their own gear, try contacting local bike shops about rental options —give them plenty of lead time

4. Select a route or area

  • If going on a trail ride, be sure to choose a ride that is fun, safe and not too long or difficult
    • The ideal route will have options where the group can head home or continue for more adventure
  • This event could also be just as fun in a bike skills park, park field, or school field
    • Bring cones, small boxes, skinnies, ramps, and other age-appropriate features to add in some fun and challenge
    • Try to choose a location with shade, a place to rest and eat snacks, and some small amount of elevation

5. Be prepared

  • Bring extra water and food, including a tasty treat for every kid
  • Don’t forget other essentials such as extra tubes, pump, tire levers and a multi-tool
  • Recruit plenty of adult ride guides, and make sure someone is assigned to stay behind the last young rider

7. Ride together

  • Emphasize riding together— re-group frequently and make sure everyone is smiling
  • Ask the lead adult guide to stop at every trail intersection to minimize the chance of lost riders
  • Bring new riders in to the fold by introducing them to other kids and making sure they are not left behind or intimidated

8. Have fun!

  • Try incorporating skill games, like “slow-motion riding” and “how to bunny hop”
  • Point out interesting trail features, wildlife or take a few minutes to discuss trail safety and etiquette
  • Play games on bikes – “Red light, green light”, slowest bike race, obstacle courses, follow-the-leader, simon says, etc.
  • Incorporate some trail activities like painting rocks, raking the trail, picking up trash or trail clearing
  • Teach basic bike maintenance (pump up tires, check brakes) or just go over the parts of the bike

9. Take photos and video

  • Share stories and photos about your day with parents, community leaders, local press and IMBA Canada.
  • Post your photos on IMBA Canada’s Facebook page or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #TKMBD

10. Make it a tradition

  • Make every day a Take-a-Kid-Mountain-Biking day and plan for next year to celebrate getting kids active!