The Mountain Equipment Co-Op annual Bikefest rolled into William Stevenson Park in Victoria on May 22nd. Despite the iffy weather, it is nearly the end of May after all, a Canuk’s western final hockey game and the weekend where family’s make their first attempt at camping, it went well. A number of local and island vendors attended and MEC had sett up a bike skills area for children and a free bike clinic where there was quite the line up for servicing and adjusting. There was also a demo area to take an MEC bike for a trial spin for those looking to add to their stable of two wheeled steeds.

I manned the IMBA Canada tent and watched some budding trail builders do their best at trail building in mashed potatoes. With an ample supply of spuds, teeny tiny logs and ladders they had a blast shaping their creations. From the before and after photos you can tell they skipped a few chapters of the Trail Solutions guide. LOL Maybe IMBA should author a children’s trail building bedtime story book . . "Mary rode a little trail . . ."?


Thank you’s go out to MEC for setting up the Bikefest and to those who came by to chat. Look for more IMBA attendance across the country at other MEC Bikefests.