Conservation Halton held their annual Conservation Awards of Excellence on Thursday, June 7, 2012 to recognize those who have provided a significant contribution to conservation in the Halton watershed.

GORBA was awarded the Community Award, which ispresented to a community organization, institution or business that has undertaken a significant conservation action that exemplifies wise conservation”.

GORBA is proud of the collaborative relationship it has built with the staff of Conservation Halton and the Region of Halton, to develop a sustainable approach to trail management.  As the former Trail Supervisor with GORBA, Igor Hoogendoorn was present with other GORBA Executive members and public stakeholders at several meetings over the past few years that discussed the future of mountain biking trails within the Hilton Falls Conservation Area and the adjacent Region of Halton Agreement Forests.  Through extensive conversations, ecological concerns were balanced with retaining trail access to these beautiful areas.

“I was humbled to be able to represent GORBA in accepting the award at the ceremony”, said Igor Hoogendoorn.  GORBA will continue to foster and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between these land managers and the mountain bike community.  Thanks again to Conservation Halton for recognizing GORBA and for their continued support of mountain biking as a sustainable recreational activity!

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For immediate release Friday, June 8, 2012

Conservation Halton hands out annual Awards of Excellence