In conjunction with Container Brewing and RaceFace, IMBA Canada is stoked to announce the amazing projects that will be receiving funding through the “Good Work” grant program. The chosen projects highlight the myriad of ways that clubs across the country can make a difference and work towards creating a more diverse, resilient, and inclusive mountain bike community for all of us. 

Moose Mountain

Moose Mountain Bike Trails Society (Calgary, Alberta) – $700 

Wonder Women Wednesday’s – A skills development based introduction to racing program aiming to increase female (and those identifying as female) representation at events both locally and beyond. 

“Empowering women locally to participate in races can enhance their involvement and increase female representation at events throughout Alberta and beyond. Creating a small change in our local community could have lasting effects that benefit women in mountain biking across the nation. Additionally, through utilizing a mentorship approach, we hope will create a lasting legacy of “sisters who shred”. Our intention is that mentees will become the mentors in the next iteration and so on and  so forth. We believe that by supporting women to support other women, we will create organic growth  in the community of women riders” – Sarah Elliott, Moose Mountain Bike Trails Society 

Headwinds Cycling Club (Lethbridge, AB) – $700 

Bringing MTB Riding to our Community: Bridging the Socio-Economic Gap – A pilot-project  partnership with Lethbridge Family Services offering mountain bike programming to youth from  diverse backgrounds – breaking down barriers to the outdoors. 

“HeadWinds Cycling Club and Lethbridge Family Services is stoked, and grateful to IMBA Canada,  Race Face, and Container Brewing for awarding us one of the “Good Work” grants. This grant gives  us a headstart on offering a two day mountain bike pilot program aimed at bridging cultural and socio-economic barriers for kids that want to ride bikes and explore the outdoors. It seems like a small thing to run some sessions (skills, safe riding, & basic maintenance), provide some food, and take kids for a trail ride. However, it can inspire and expose individuals to lifelong passions, physical health,  and fun.” – Steve Leger, Headwinds Cycling Club 

Cranbrook Community Forest Society (Cranbrook, BC) – $700 

Contribution to the construction of accessible trail-head infrastructure for a newly constructed purpose-built adaptive trail network. 

“We are removing barriers to entry, enabling adaptive riders and all those with challenges whether they be mobility, cognitive, or vision impairments, to access our facilities and trails. By creating a well thought out and complete experience for adaptive riders, we are creating an inclusive mountain biking experience that will bring joy to many. That joy is infectious and will spread.” Jim Nicol, Cranbrook  Community Forest Society 

Pemberton Off Road Cycling Association (Pemberton, BC) – $1500 

Funding to expand their “Intro to Mountain Biking” program, delivered in partnership with Indigenous  Women Outdoors and Indigenous Life Sport Academy, to a greater diversity of age groups and genders,

The PORCA partnerships with IWO and ILSA will create a lasting legacy and encourage other organizations to do good work by leading together in a respectful relationship. The programming will provide health, wellness, community building, education, and employment opportunities for all community members with a commitment to justice,  equity, inclusiveness, and diversity.  

It’s not just about providing money to create spaces, it’s about doing the decolonization work through all of PORCA’s systems that will help create a lasting legacy. It’s about listening to and being grateful for the leadership from our Indigenous community members. It’s about creating opportunity, mentors, and role models. It’s about working in  a good way.” – Bree Thorlakson, PORCA