Our well attended classroom presentation was held at the Brickworks in the middle of the Don. Quite a cool place with lots of history, the Brickworks was a great place to host a trail building presentation. The Wild Bettys also provided a great amount of coffee and goodies to keep all the attendees awake through the 3 hour seminar.

We had a well attended presentation with the Wild Bettys, with a wide variety of people from bike and trails industry and interested volunteers. Our 3 hour presentation went off without a hitch and everybody seemed to stay awake! We’d like to thank the club for providing a great venue and food and supplies to keep people awake and interested.

Everybody worked hard before the rains came! Our project was to remedy a tight insloped turn that sent riders way too quickly into an intersection with a road. Our solution was to utilize the contour of the hillside to take users up and around a tree that helped to provide good sightlines and a more positive space to turn around. Typical of most projects on existing trail networks, it was a compromise project that had both benefits and downsides in the long run.

Our project site took place in a heavily used section of the network. We constantly had people riding by and thanking us for the hard work of maintaining their trail network. The comments we recieved were all very positive on the trail project.

Big thanks for all volunteers who came out and worked as a team to get the trail project started off. Unfortunately due to weather, we were unable to complete the build. We look forward to seeing updates of the trail project once it’s completed.

Thanks everyone!