Hartland.  An accomplishment for mountain bicycling advocacy and club / land manager relations within the lower mainland of British Columbia, this extensive trail system provides the riders of Victoria and its surrounding communites with trails that run the gamut from easy doubletrack to some stuff that would test even the North Shore’s mettle for its gnar factor.  One of its greatest accomplishments is that it has been done through legitamite channels between the South Island Mountain Bicycling Society (SIMBS) and the area’s land manager, the Capital Regional District (CRD).  The relationship between these two organizations is pushing 15 years (plus) and some of earlier  work is starting to show its age.  One area in particular, the entrance / Technical Trails Area, is in dire need of an upgrade.  To this end, SIMBS has contracted IMBA Canada’s Trail Solutions Program to design the new area as well as incorporate the design for the new beginner trail that TS laid out conceptually back in the fall of 2011.

The current offerings in the TTA include a series of wooden features (including a particularily loud and rather tall teeter-totter), a drop progression and a couple of rollers. The SIMBS membership was polled last week on what features they would like to see in place of these oldies both at the AGM and through an online survey.  That data is being used to help tailor the design.

This new area includes the following:

  • upgraded signage to help manages users understanding of the Hartland Trail System better
  • a nice easier trail to help get new users into the system without getting run over by advanced riders maching back to the parking (a.k.a. the Pit of Despair)
  • an area where riders can practice and test their abilities before venturing into the trails.

While a completion date has yet to be confirmed, SIMBS & IMBA Canada Trail Solutions are working with the CRD to develop a plan for construction (to be done by the CRD).  Stay tuned for more updates as this project moves forwards!

There are lots of things going on with the South Island Mountain Bicycling Society these days and they are looking for assistance.  If you are able to help in anyway, please get in contact with them and join them in helping to protect and establish riding destinations on Vancouver Island alongside IMBA Canada.