The IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew (TCC) was excited to visit Fundy National Park park this year, as the Park’s goal has long been to create a mountain bike destination with East Coast flair and fun!

The TCC sat down with staff to get a better idea of their coordinated vision to provide an expanded and attractive mountain bike product.  This incorporated a variety of sessions, including looking at the newly recharged White Tail Trail, at expanding the current offer of mountain bike specific trails, and at creating a successful Fundy National Park Bike Fest for the first time!








The White Tail Trail

Originally a hiking only trail, the Park staff sought to provide more opportunity for shared-use experiences, and IMBA Canada’s Trail Solutions was hired to develop and design a new identity for the White Tail Trail in 2011 (see Daniel Scott’s Blog entry here: The new trail became a reality this past summer, with Sustainable Trails coming in and doing the construction work.

During their visit, the TCC provided further training to the Park staff to help develop sustainable creek and stream crossing in various locations.  Using stone armouring techniques made for a durable trail tread whenever there was the potential for seasonal or continuous water flow.

This was also a great opportunity to discuss the current mountain bike offerings (trails like “Maple Grove”, “Black Horse”, and East Branch: click here for Fundy Mountain Biking, with suggestions on what was working well, what could be improved and what should be the focus into the future.


To add to the dedication of the Fundy National Park’s offer for mountain bike programming, they plan to host the first ever “Fundy Bike Fest” over the Oct 4th to 6th weekend. They will be celebrating the “Official Opening” of the White Tail Trail on Friday, host the IMBA Canada "Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day" on Saturday, and the TCC will be on hand to provide a Trail Building School on Sunday.


The TCC would like to thank all of the Staff at Fundy National Park for their wonderful hospitality and the great opportunity to work together.  We look forward to visiting again soon!