A great fall day with cool temps and a little bit of fog set the stage for a successful IMBA Canada Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event hosted by Fundy National Park and Mike’s Bike Shop!

A very special THANK-YOU to MEC for the prizing – the kids loved it!

Sunday’s event had the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew (TCC) on hand to provide a Trail Building School (TBS) to the Park Staff and general public.  Although the conditions were a little wetter than we would have liked, it gave us a few easy tasks to attend to for the practical field session during the afternoon.  We worked on a couple of sections with drainage actively occuring across the trail, which was diverted easily by reinstalling a swale and rolling grade dip into the tread.   We also put up visual camaflage for an old section of trail corridor along the newly revamped "White Tail" trail.

Thanks again to the Park Staff, the volunteers, and to everyone that attended the Bike Fest events – looking forward to seeing you again next year!