The Kootenay Columbia Trails Society, in Rossland, BC, is looking for your support to help insure future funding from the City of Rossland! Please see the message below, via facebook.

"The City of Rossland, BC, draft budget has eliminated its funding of the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society. This could have significant impact on KCTS’ ability to maintain our trails for the safety, health and enjoyment of our community.

We need your support!

Please join us in a showing of solidarity when the KCTS presents its case to ensure sustainable funding of our trails.

When: Wednesday, February 13, 7 p.m.

Where: Council Chambers at City Hall

Your presence will send a message that trails are an important and integral part of living and recreating in Rossland and the surrounding area.

Did you know?

• 145 km’s – trails the KCTS manages; 47 trails are adjacent to City of Rossland

• The first of 60 – the Seven Summits Trail was the first “Epic” designated trail in North America by the International Mountain Bike Association

• 28 – trails on which the KCTS manages land access agreements with private and corporate landowners in the Rossland area

• 120,000 – Individual trail uses per year on Rossland area trails

• Economy – Trails are a major reason for entrepreneurs and others to move to Rossland

• 60% – of Rossland residents use local trails more than three times per week

• $2,250,000 – Replacement cost of construction of the trails network

• $19,000 – City of Rossland’s annual contribution to the KCTS

• $13 – Cost per Rossland household to fund the KCTS annually

• 5 of 8 – # of Official Community Plan statements that trails support

• 7 – Highly networked volunteer directors managing the KCTS

• 3500 – Volunteer hours dedicated to trails

• Priceless – Maintaining and ensuring access to Rossland and area’s amazing trail network