Mountain bikers prize challenging trails and have always pushed the boundaries of what can be ridden on two wheels. All of us have been swept by the burst of exhilaration that follows the first successful passage of a once-impossible section of trail. This sense of accomplishment and rush of adrenaline is a big part of the sport for beginners and experienced riders alike.

But while modern riders and their bikes are more capable than ever before, many trail systems don’t offer sustainable opportunities for technical challenge. Designated freeriding trails and challenge-oriented bike parks are important resources that mountain bikers and land managers can create together.

Freeriding Position Statement

Freeriding is a style of mountain biking that celebrates the challenges and spirit of technical riding and downhilling.

  1. IMBA supports freeriding in appropriate locations. We are committed to helping develop trails and riding areas that are authorized by land managers for technically challenging riding, including — but not limited to — bike parks, designated freeride trails and resort areas.
  2. The future of all aspects of mountain biking depends on cooperation with land managers and our collective commitment to protect the natural environment.
  3. Young mountain bikers identify with the challenges and spirit of freeriding. By recognizing and supporting this connection, IMBA will help assure the future of mountain biking.
  4. IMBA also supports downhill racing. We develop and recommend sustainable course construction techniques for gravity racers.

Download electronic copies of IMBA’s popular Freeride Guides below.