First Annual IMBA Canada National Advocacy Survey Launches For Individuals

July 10, 2017 IMBA Canada prides itself on being the national voice of mountain biking. We strive to echo the wants and needs of riders across the country and to make our collective voice heard in the halls of government from coast to coast. We see the mountain bike community as a group of people who experience wild places through riding great trails. We have a duty as a community to ensure we protect the natural landscapes that provide us with the amazing trail networks we hold dear.

This sentiment is highlighted by IMBA Canada’s mission; “To ensure that Canada is home to a strong and vibrant mountain biking community, riding a world class network of mountain bike trails”. IMBA Canada’s current focus is on putting the words “strong and vibrant mountain bike community” into action.

As part of this, the organization launched a provincial council program with the formation of the first provincial council in BC just over a year ago. The goal of the council program is to better engage local and regional mountain bike organizations through a provincial board of directors who communicate regularly with local mountain bike organizations.

In June we took another step by launching a national mountain bike advocacy group survey that will collect information from the various clubs and advocacy groups in each province. The data collected will give a “snapshot in time” of the size and weight of mountain bike advocacy across the country while also giving organizations an opportunity to help drive IMBA Canada policy and strategy

The next step we are taking towards building a “strong and vibrant mountain bike community” is engaging the mountain bike community as a whole to weigh in on the state of Canadian advocacy. To this end we are launching the first ever national survey of the Canadian mountain bike community.

This survey will offer an opportunity for IMBA Canada and its partner organizations across the Country to understand how well the mountain bike community is currently being represented and identify areas where better education and engagement could be undertaken.

We are putting our mission statement into action by asking for your input, allowing ourselves to be a more unified and stronger voice for mountain biking. The data collected will directly impact future IMBA Canada programs and policy.

We encourage you to participate in this survey and look forward to hearing your input on how we can better serve you, the Canadian mountain bike community.

Click Here for a link to the public survey!

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