First Annual IMBA Canada National Advocacy Survey Launches For Clubs And Trail Organizations

Just over a year ago IMBA Canada launched it’s council program with the formation of the first IMBA Canada Provincial Council in British Columbia. The goal of the IMBA Canada Council program is to better engage local and regional mountain bike communities and assist them in both achieving their goals and having their voices heard. This program is still in it’s infancy but the long-term goal is to roll it out across the country. The IMBA Canada Council Program is also being followed up with additional programs to help strengthen the Canadian mountain bike community.

This summer IMBA Canada is launching a program that will be the second step towards better serving the local mountain bike communities across our vast nation. Over the next few months IMBA Canada will be conducting a two-part survey of the Canadian mountain bike community.

The first stage, launching in June will collect information from the various clubs and advocacy groups in each province. The data collected will give a “snapshot in time” of the size and weight of mountain bike advocacy across the country wile also giving organizations an opportunity to help drive IMBA Canada policy and strategy. This advocacy group survey focuses on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the various organizations. The goal is to identify areas where IMBA Canada can step in and help organizations be more effective in achieving their goals.

The second stage of the survey, launching near the end of June, will offer an opportunity for the broader mountain bike community to weigh in on mountain bike advocacy on a national, regional and local level. The goal of this second stage will be to develop an idea of how well the mountain bike community is currently being represented by advocacy groups and identify areas where better education and engagement could be undertaken.

IMBA Canada has always prided itself on being the voice of mountain biking and now the organization is putting those words into action.

If you are a director or member of an organization who wishes to participate in the advocacy group survey and are worried you may not be included in the list of past and present IMBA Canada Clubs being contacted then please email jay.darby (at)

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