Does My Club Need Insurance

Does your club have an agreement with a land manger to maintain and build trails? Is the public permitted access to those trails?

If you can answer yes to either of those questions, you’ll likely want to consider some form of general liability insurance. You might ask “why, what could possible happen for us to need insurance?”

Anytime the public is permitted access to trails you build or maintain, you are essentially responsible for their reasonable safe passage both on the trail and in the fall zone. Should someone injure themselves on ‘one of your’ trails, the club and its members could be liable for their injuries through negligence, either by the design of the trail or by lack of maintenance.

Most incidents on trails are of low consequence and people choose to blame themselves rather than the club who provides an opportunity for recreation. However, when a life altering injury occurs and the prospect long term medical costs and home care are added to the equation, this can expose your club and its members to liability.

Insurance is designed to pay for your defence costs, defence for the land manger and any settlement up to the limit of insurance. Keep in mind that the injured party can name anyone they feel is responsible for their injuries through negligence you are then required to defend yourself. The club may not have any assets but its members do and that’s why insurance is recommended.