The good kind of difficulties that is… Earlier this week IMBA Canada was asked to make the trip to Logan Lake, BC. The reason? Jay Hoots, bike park builder extraordinaire, brought IMBA on board to assist with rating the various trails that the town has to offer visitors. Two days were spent inspecting all the trail using a revised version of IMBA’s trail difficulty rating system. This new rating system has been in development for almost a year now and should provide land managers with a more accurate method with which to determine the difficulty of a particular trail. Versions which deal with hiking and nordic trails are also rumoured to be in the works.

Should anyone find themselves near Merrit, BC and want something a little different, check out the quiet copper mining town of Logan Lake. There are trails for riders of all skill levels and Jay’s park is a great way to spend a few hours on two wheels.

Logan Lake Trail Map

Interested in what Hoots Inc. is up to these days? Check out their site for further info:

Hoots Inc.