Back in 2010, IMBA Canada was contracted by Community Futures Crowsnest Pass to develop a masterplan incorporating the five communities of the Pass:  Coleman, Belleview, Blairmore, Frank & Hillcrest.  A year later, and the masterplan having undergone a series of transformations as land management negotiations were vetted, phase one of the ~135 km of proposed trail was underway at the Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill in Blairmore with UROC trail builders, Community Futures trail builders and renowned bike park builder Jay Hoots & crew.

Superb weather and ideal build conditions allowed Hoots Inc. to create much of the super flowy, fun, intermediate singletrack slated for the east side of the ski hill, as well as a concise community bike park that backs onto the local school with all the classic items one has come to expect – dirt jumps, pumptrack, skills area, etc.  Read Jay’s earlier PinkBike write-up here.

As Canada prepared to celebrate it’s 145th birthday, trail specialist Daniel Scott took the opportunity between contracts to head down to the Pass for five days of building and riding. Lending a hand where Community Futures trail builders Tyler & Graham left off, Daniel focused on roughing in ~125 metres of advanced singletrack trail during his stay through some rough, rocky ground.  Opportunity also presented itself in providing local UROC (United Riders of Crowsnest) advocates Dave Whitten & Jim Lucas with some beta on a couple of water management techniques for problem areas that weren’t prevalent when the trail was initially built the previous drier fall.

One of the major observations of the brief visit was the number of Calgarians that were making the Pass their long weekend destination or were stopping off on their way to or from Fernie in order to check out and ride the new offerings that the Pass has.

While not even a tenth of what will ultimately be present, what is there is definitely worth checking it so if you are heading even remotely close, take the time – you will not be dissappointed.

Head over the UROC website for detailed directions or swing by the ever popular Stone’s Throw Cafe to ask Steve for some trail beta and to sample local roastery Crowsnest Coffee Company‘s local java.