We were absolutely thrilled to find out we were returning to Corner Brook this year. Last summer we made an unofficial stop in the city and saw the potential to build a world class network in the area. After a meeting with some key officials from the city and provincial tourism, Peter Ollerhead from Cycle Solutions initiated the formation of the West Coast Mountain Bike Association (WCMBA). The WCMBA was able to secure funding to bring out Daniel Scott from IMBA Canada’s Trail Solutions program to create a master trail plan for the area. We followed on Daniel’s heels to train the volunteers to build the trails.

These trails will provide more than a place to recreate for the community. They will benefit local businesses by increasing tourism in the city. There will be a benefit to the health of the community since the trails are conveniently located and free for everyone to enjoy. Leaders in Corner Brook are linking meters of single track today in order to create a legacy in their community.

After a full day of challenging design we set out with a few key people and started to create brand new trail. Laughter and sweat were rolling all day and we managed to build 20 meters to start. For the trail building workshop we were able to add another 60 meters and create a beautiful berm. The energy and excitement of everyone involved was contagious and will help to carry the project well into the fall.

A big thank you goes out to everyone we met and worked with in Corner Brook. A special thanks to Deanne (and Geoff), Peter and Becky for making us feel like family during our visit. We can not wait to come back and ride the trails!