Back in October of 2011, Daniel Scott spent a solid week hiking and biking through snowy conditions around the Weaselhead Park and it’s neighbouring Parks along the west side of Calgary.  The purpose of this chilly business was to conduct of an initial trail assessment for the City’s Natural Areas department.

From this fieldwork, a report was produced which outlines the various issues, opportunities, constraints, etc. that the Park faces and provides the City with a series of recommendations and conceptual designwork for developing the area further.  This is a challenging Park with hikers and equestrians currently being the only permitted users on trails outside of the main City pathway, and the number of desire lines zigzagging through the brush.

Work continues on this project with further details on recommended trail reroute alignments, new trails for future construction and the integration of MacEwan Park into the mix.  One of the bolder recommendations IMBA Canada has made is for an area of development focused on authorized, purpose-built singletrack trail.  Currently unsanctioned trails and mountain bike riding is profilic in the Park due to a city of riders starved for fast access singletrack.  While still under review, things are looking good for some upgraded hiking trails and new possibilities for the inclusion of mountain biking in one of Calgary largest greenspaces.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months.