With the practical component of the CMBA crew leader training on hold, Daniel Scott took the opportunity to meet with a group of folk concerning one of the more popular, yet contentious, trails in Calgary – Sideshow Bob. Situated within Bowmont Park, the trail is a relatively short (1km) but well loved and rare piece of singletrack within the city limits.

Both the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance & the City of Calgary staff are looking to keep the trail open to mountain biking and working together to see this goal achieved. Don Yuen from CMBA, Tricia, Nicole & Angie from the City of Calgary and Daniel Scott walked Sideshow Bob and other trails throughout Bowmont Park, identifying and discussing various opportunities and issues.

IMBA Canada is thrilled that the City has chosen to work with CMBA on this matter as well as the ongoing pursuit to develop bike parks throughout Calgary. IMBA Canada will continue to aid wherever possible in both of these projects.