This past weekend, IMBA Canada staff spent a beautiful hot and sunny Saturday working alongside TORBA volunteers in Crothers Woods, in Toronto’s Don Valley.

Fifteen enthusiastic builders helped Ontario Coordinator Igor Hoogendoorn and IMBA Canada’s new Trail Care Crew complete a number of trail maintenance projects, including rock armouring, trail reclamation, and a number of knicks to improve drainage in the buff, clay-heavy soil, which was unusually dry this weekend.

Saturday’s workshop was one of ten which will be happening throughout 2012, facilitated by IMBA Canada’s Trail Solutions contracting arm and Sustainable Trails Ltd., working with the City of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department, Natural Environment Trails Program.

A great big thank you to all the volunteers who spent their entire day working on the trails, and also to Scott Laver (City of Toronto) for arranging the event!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out!

Resurfacing the trail.

Discussing the game plan to reclaim and narrow the tread.

Extending armouring through a muddy patch (before).

Finished section (after).

Another section of armouring to fix up a wet section of bench.

Here we narrowed the trail (which was diverting around the existing armouring) and added chokes and anchors to keep users on the trail.

Same section, from the other direction.