There are three things that draw people to Newfoundland & Labrador: whales, icebergs and trails. While we didn’t get to see any icebergs or whales, we did experience many trails.

We were in Terra Nova National Park for an entire week. There are relatively few trails in the park and only two that were designated for cycling. Unfortunately, those trails were completely unsuitable for biking because of erosion and standing water. Fortunately, the staff at Terra Nova are open minded about converting some existing hiking trail to multiuse, as well as increasing the amount of singletrack available to both hikers and bikers. The most exciting of these is the potential to connect the Louil Hill loop, which sees the highest unofficial mountain bike traffic in the park, with the Malady Head campground and lookout trail.

For the first IMBA Trailbuilding School we took the park staff and other trails community members to the Newman Sound campground. Children in the campground have no where to ride bicycles other than on the busy roads. The park is visiting the idea of a dedicated children’s bike park at the edge of the campground. During the workshop we focused on design and layout. Everyone had the chance to measure grades, flag corridor and set pin flags. It was interesting to see the completely different ideas that each group presented. Even more interesting was watching them empathize with seven year olds on bicycles. Some were more in touch with their inner child than others!

The second Trailbuilding School was spent in the community of Sandy Cove just outside of the park. Over 300 years ago, most of the small towns on the Eastport Peninsula were connected by trails. In the late 1990’s the Eastport Peninsula Heritage Society was established to connect the

trails together. On the “Old Trails” we taught rerouting with new bench cut, reclamation and rock

armoring. We couldn’t believe how hard the group worked and their attention to detail was amazing. They even went as far as replanting moss to provide an astounding aesthetic finish.

We want to give a huge thanks to Kevin Robinson from Terra Nova National Park for organizing the visit. Thank you to all of the staff who helped with maps, tools, digging and armoring. A special shout-out needs to go to Andy Hennebury who is working hard to establish quality trails all over Newfoundland.